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KD Odžaci

Somborska 61/b
25250 Odžaci

tel: +381 25 5746 520
063 590 723
063 8620 460
025 5742 923
fax: +381 25 5744 923

tekući račun 310-8814-58

Uplata za prvog psa 1.500,00 din, za svakog narednog istog vlasnika 1.200,00 dinara
U slučaju plaćanja na dan izložbe, upisnina je 2000,00 dinara za svakog psa

Inostrani izlagači uplatu vrše na dan izložbe u kancelariji izložbe po ceni od 30 eura za svakog prijavljenog psa.



Odzaci is the small town of about 15.000 inhabitants situated in the west of Vojvodina. It is 15 kilometres away from the Croatian border, and 80 kilometres form the Hungarian border. Sombor is the larger town situated nearby.

Kennel Association of Odzaci exists for 20 years, and it can be said that, today, it is one of the largest kennel associations in Serbia. In the municipality of Odzaci, as well as in the rest of Vojvodina, there are almost all races of dogs, but one of the most outstanding ones are the greyhounds. This is quite normal because the territory of our municipality is known Europe-wide as the territory rich with all kinds of wild animals.

Kennel Association currently numbers about 60 members, most of them young people. At the territory of the municipality there are breeding homes for Labradors, bassets, German shorthaired and wired-haired pinting dogs, German shepherds, Dobermans, American Stafford terriers , German boxers etc. Our breeders accomplish very nice successes at almost every exhibitions they take part in, and of course, we are very proud of them.

Kennel Association in Odzaci takes very high place in the world of organization of the international dog exhibitions (CACIB). There are many exhibitors at our exhibitions coming form the surrounding countries, and they were all mainly satisfied with the organization of the exhibitions. Through our exhibit posts 5000 dogs of all races have passed so far. Also, many outstanding referees from all the Europe have come to judge and, so far, there have not been any remarks, made from our side, to the quality of the judging.

In our work, we accomplish full cooperation with the Kennel Association of Serbia, Vojvodina, and the local hunters associations in the municipality of Odzaci. We also cooperate with all major Kennel Associations in Serbia and abroad.

Our premises are situated in Odzaci in Backa 23 and we invite all our friends who wish to pay us a visit to come.

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